Editorial Consultancy

Stephen can bring his extensive broadcast experience and keen structural eye to your project. He regularly consults on projects at all stages of production, bringing an objective and professional perspective to experienced teams and new filmmakers alike.

Please contact Stephen for help with your film.

  • Creative Advice - Professional Filmmakers

    A neutral eye in the filmmaking process is a powerful tool whether you're making a show for TV, a feature doc for cinema or a teaser for pitching. Audience-led feedback is surprisingly underused in broadcast, but it can be invaluable in helping you tell your story. Stephen frequently lends his experienced eye to provide independent and unbiased creative feedback to teams of any experience.

  • Creative Advice - Amateur Filmmakers

    There is a huge amount of untapped talent in online filmmaking. Some of the most exciting opportunities for filmmaking come from the interface between experienced broadcasters and amateur online videographers. Stephen is keen to work on a wide variety of projects in all types of filmmaking. Whether you're a YouTuber looking to make your videos look more professional, an video artist trying to mount a complex exhibition or a first-time filmmaker trying to put together a short, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

  • Technical Advice

    Stephen has extensive technical experience with all kinds of post-production workflows. He is an experienced software coder and has created custom solutions to a solve a wide variety of technical issues that confront filmmakers in production and in the cutting room. For films that need to deal with large catalogues of data, or with issues such as conforming tricky archival projects, Stephen has an extensive catalogue of automation tools that might help. Please contact if you've got a difficult technical problem on film that could be helped with automation.

    Some examples of the kinds of areas Stephen can provide technical help include

    • Massive archives
    • Logging strategies
    • Synchronization issues
    • Automated transcription